How to prepare for SSC CGL Maths?

Are you wondering how to prepare for SSC Cgl maths? Don’t worry, I am here to provide the right strategy.    

I have seen many students who worry about maths. Some think they can not score well because they are weak in maths. Some think they are from non-maths background, so their chances of selection are low.

Well, before starting the preparation, I would suggest you  have faith in yourself & start with a positive attitude.

Because anyone who has the will to crack SSC can crack it. Maths is never tough, if you understand it, you will enjoy it.

Firstly, I would like to address a few questions that are generally asked by students.

The first question that comes in everyone’s mind is- whether I should go for coaching or self-study?

  • If you are confident enough that you have a good command over the basics of maths, then go for self-study.
  • If you are from a non-maths background or  weak in maths,then I would recommend that you should go for coaching. Because they can help you in building a basic understanding of mathematics.
  • Interestingly, In this digital era you can have both in one i.e. YOUTUBE there are several teachers on youtube that are providing guidance,  especially for SSC exams.
    Note: Teachers or coaching is not a key factor in selection,only your hard work and efforts are. Thus sooner or later, SELF-STUDY IS MUST.

PREPARATION FOR TIER 1 AND TIER 2 – together or separately?

Let me make one thing very clear, there is no difference in the syllabus of tier 1 and tier 2 of SSC CGL maths. The only difference is in the number of questions and level of difficulty.

If an institute or a person is telling you that they will prepare you for tier 1 first and then for tier 2, then my dear I am afraid they are fooling you.

My advice is that you prepare the syllabus as if you are preparing for tier 2 maths.
You can check the syllabus in the link below:


 At least 4 to 6 months is required for this exam if you want to score well.
While maths will require 3-4 hours of practice daily.


The SSC maths syllabus is divided into three parts-

  • Arithmetic-The arithmetic sections require speed and calculations.
  • Advanced mathematics– Mainly contains formulas and properties
  • Data interpretation– Statistics, pie charts, etc.

We will divide our preparation into three steps:

  • Beginner level preparation
  • Intermediate level preparation
  • Advance level preparation

    Beginner level preparation

  • Firstly, We will first build a strong basic understanding of each chapter. That means we will make our base strong. Because when no tricks work, all we have is our basic concepts.
    You can use NCERT class 8, 9, and 10th maths books for developing basic concepts.
  • Secondly, we must remember
    – tables from 1-25
    -Squares and cubes from 1-30
    -learn speed calculations
    These will increase your speed in the exam by saving your time.

Intermediate level preparation

  • Once your basic concepts are clear, try learning tips and tricks to solve various questions quickly. This is very important as time is a key factor in this exam.
  • Solve type-wise questions from quantitative books. Don’t solve too many books. Focus on only 1 and 2 books.

Advance level preparation

  • When you have started gaining good command over maths, now solve previous year questions.

  • Start giving mocks of previous year questions.especially of the last three years of the ssc exam.
    Analysis of your performance is extremely important.
    -try to overcome all the mistakes and weak chapter.
  • Complete your whole preparation at least a month before the exam. Also, solve the book you used twice. (I have suggested some books below)
  • One month before the exam – all you have to do is revise .

Strategy for exam day

  • Do not panic
  • Skip the questions which take time to solve and mark it for later.
  • If your shift is not on the first day, check reviews of the previous shifts online. Most important – make note of repeated questions.


Following are some books that I would like to suggest

  • Rakesh Yadav Publication book and notes.
  • Kiran Publication ssc chapter-wise mathematics solved question paper
  • M.Tyra magical book on quicker mathematics for faster calculations

May you get the success you deserve.Good luck.

Hope this article helped clear your doubt on how to prepare for ssc cgl maths.

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