Mass conversion chart

Hello there!! Its time we study the mass and weight conversion chart.mass conversion chart

When someone asks what is your weight, what do you reply?
You say 55 kg (for example). Someone with the same weight as yours may reply “I weigh approx 121.25 pounds”.
Take another example, you go to a shop with your friend. You ask for 1 kg of rice and your friend asks for 1000 gm of rice.

If you notice, the same mass is being measured in different units. There are different units of measurement of mass. Like Kilogram, milligram,centigram, etc. 

The standard unit of mass in Kilogram(kg).

Let us have a look at the mass conversion chart.
1 centigram = 10 milligram
1 decigram = 10 gram
1 gram = 10 decigram
= 1000 milligram
1 decagram = 10 gram
1 hectogram = 10 decagram
1 kilogram = 10 hectogram = 1000 gram

Other important units

1 tonne(1 megagram) = 1000 kg
1 gigagram = 1000 megagram
1 pound = 0.453592 kg
1 ounce = 28.34952 grams
Now let us learn conversion between the units.

Look at the diagram below.
mass conversion

We know the gap between two consecutive units is 10.
i.e 1 centigram = 10 milligram, 1 decigram = 10 centigram , 1 gram = 10 decigram and so on.
To convert bigger units into smaller units we will “multiply”. On the other hand, to convert smaller units into bigger units we will “divide”.

For example

Question 1: 2 Kilogram is Equal to how many grams?
Solution: As Kilogram is greater than a gram, we will multiply.
Look at the chart.

We have to go through three tens to reach the gram. That is we have to multiply it by 10 ×10×10 = 103
Thus, 2 kilogram = 2 ×103
    2 kg = 2000 g.

Question 2: Convert 25 decagram into milligram.
Solution: As decagram is greater than a milligram, we will multiply.
Thus, to go from decagram to milligram we have to go through four tens. That is 10×10×10×10 =104
So, 25 decagram = 25 × 104 milligram.

Question 3: Convert 20 centigram into kilogram.
Solution: As centigram is smaller than kilogram, we will divide.

From centigram to kilogram, We have to go through five tens. Thus We have to divide it by 105.
So, 20 centigram =20 ÷ 105 kilogram
                                   = 0.0002 kilogram

Question 4: Convert 100 milligram into gram.
Solution: As milligram is smaller than gram, we will divide.

To go from milligram to gram , we have to go through three tens . Thus we have to divide it by 103.
100 milligram = 100÷ 103 gram
  = 0.1 gram

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